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ID   Pr  Tags                            Project        Summary                                                                                                 
85   P0                                  personal       Remove from PGP key                                                                      
97   P0                                  personal       Port github password and 2FA                                                                            
54   P0                                  personal       Adapt Tor exit node settings                                                                            
121  P1  dlang github                    dlang          Implement DIP1029: Add throw as Function Attribute                                                      
11   P1  web3storage                     ipfs           Add support for override tag on a github action                                                         
88   P1  dlang                           contrib        Fix sumtype safety PR proposal using new __trait                                                        
40   P1  clang llvm                      contrib        Add CLANG_DEFAULT_SSP flag to enable strong stack protection by default                                 
22   P1  llvm objdump readelf            contrib        Auto demangler is not working correctly                                                                 
37   P1  lldb                            llvm           Report issue about DW_TAG_typedef and generated attribute                                               
114  P2  github shadow                   contrib        usermod: fix segmentation fault on invalid expiration dates                                             
20   P2  easytask static website         personal       split assets of the file indexer                                                                        
91   P2  aur                             archlinux      build autopsy package from scratch and update it                                                        
106  P2  aur                             archlinux      update gitter package                                                                                   
103  P2  tasks                           personal       Add help page to public index                                                                           
119  P2  dip                             dlang          Write DIP about ignore code coverage                                                                    
107  P2  parsercombinators               personal       Write an efficient tokenizer                                                                            
62   P2  dstask easytask                 contrib        fix colour key to be consitent with all help pages                                                      
118  P2  demangler                       dlang          Write new exception-free demangler                                                                      
120  P2  parsercombinators               personal       Write simple combinators                                                                                
4    P2  blog github                     personal       GH/ljmf00/ Implement projects page                                                    
32   P2  blog github                     personal       GH/ljmf00/ Add support for tags                                                       
63   P2  github                          personal       GH/ljmf00/dotfiles/#18 Add support for x86_energy_perf_policy                                           
1    P2  github                          personal       GH/ljmf00/dotfiles/#16 Configure starship                                                               
44   P2  github                          personal       GH/ljmf00/dotfiles/#14 Make home folder temporary inside docker container until first run               
33   P2  github                          personal       GH/ljmf00/dotfiles/#12 Setup UPS ansible roles                                                          
19   P2  github                          personal       GH/ljmf00/dotfiles/#11 Add autostart hook to qtile                                                      
74   P2  github                          personal       GH/ljmf00/dotfiles/#10 Add support S.M.A.R.T. tools monitoring                                          
71   P2  github                          personal       GH/ljmf00/dotfiles/#2 Add firewall role                                                                 
110  P2  github                          personal       GH/ljmf00/dotfiles/#6 Add basic configurations to build a kubernetes cluster                            
80   P2  github                          personal       GH/ljmf00/dotfiles/#7 Add update/upgrade playbook task                                                  
70   P2  github                          convcov        GH/ljmf00/convcov/#3 Add support for JaCoCo file converter                                              
16   P2  github                          convcov        GH/ljmf00/convcov/#2 Add pre-commit CI                                                                  
7    P2  github                          convcov        GH/ljmf00/convcov/#1 Add Github Workflows CI                                                            
95   P2  git segfault                    contrib        Investigate <<<<<< HEAD conflict segfault on rebase command                                             
29   P2  ldc                             saoc2021       const(char) is being reported instead of DWARF type modifier                                            
5    P2  llvm                            saoc2021       Add support for DW_TAG_immutable_type                                                                   
116  P2  clang lldb llvm                 saoc2021       char8_t encoding are not being interpreted correctly                                                    
14   P2  ldc                             contrib        Add support for DW_TAG_immutable_type when upstreamed                                                   
93   P2  dmd                             contrib        make DW_FORM_flag flags as optional as possible to reduce binary size                                   
47   P2  dlang dmd                       contrib        Running automated jobs and test against ASAN and UBSAN                                                  
55   P2  dlang druntime                  contrib        Running automated jobs and test against ASAN and UBSAN                                                  
9    P2  dlang phobos                    contrib        Running automated jobs and test against ASAN and UBSAN                                                  
59   P2  dlang dmd                       saoc2021       Take a look at Issue #15747                                                                             
117  P2  ldc                             saoc2021       DW_AT_decl_column DECL is missing on some tags                                                          
6    P2  llvm                            contrib        Add this optimization                                               
17   P2  dlang dmd                       contrib        Fix                                                      
115  P2  lldb llvm                       saoc2021       Send message to lldb-dev to add more options to buildbots                                               
3    P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Velocidades'                                                                                   
53   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Cedência de Passagem'                                                                          
51   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Via Pública'                                                                                   
61   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Manobras'                                                                                      
109  P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Contraordenações'                                                                              
77   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Categorias de Veículos'                                                                        
10   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Reação, Travagem e Paragem'                                                                    
48   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Circulação em Rotundas'                                                                        
89   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Luzes'                                                                                         
101  P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Sinais Sonoros'                                                                                
41   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Segurança Ativa e Passiva'                                                                     
12   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Classificação de Veículos'                                                                     
81   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Outras Informações'                                                                            
102  P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Sinais de Trânsito: Sinalização Temporária'                                                    
35   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Sinais de Trânsito: Mensagem Variável'                                                         
84   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Sinais de Trânsito: Perigo'                                                                    
8    P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Sinais de Trânsito: Proibição'                                                                 
23   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Sinais de Trânsito: Obrigação'                                                                 
67   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Sinais de Trânsito: Prescrição Específica'                                                     
86   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Sinais de Trânsito: Informação'                                                                
76   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Sinais de Trânsito: Pré-sinalização'                                                           
28   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Sinais de Trânsito: Direção'                                                                   
68   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Sinais de Trânsito: Confirmação'                                                               
42   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Sinais de Trânsito: Localidades'                                                               
111  P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Sinais de Trânsito: Turístico-cultural'                                                        
34   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Sinais de Trânsito: Complementares'                                                            
52   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Sinais de Trânsito: Marcas Rodoviárias'                                                        
15   P2                                  codigo         Estudar 'Sinais de Trânsito: Painéis Adicionais'                                                        
87   P2  lldb llvm                       saoc2021       Add bit size virtual method for DType                                                                   
39   P2  easytask email                  personal       Setup disroot email on Evolution                                                                        
36   P2  static website                  personal       Add to static content                                          
112  P2  ci nointernet precommit         epslon-dlang   GH/#16 Change pre-commit autoupdate commit message                                                      
43   P2  ldc llvm port                   saoc2021       Add patch
94   P2  dmd study                       contrib        Study                                                           
24   P2  precommitfork                   contrib        Add legacy check_yaml on ljmf00/pre-commit-hooks                                                        
100  P2  easytask ghaction github tasks  personal       Fix manual git clone on website generator Github Action                                                 
78   P2                                  wishlist       Go to Café São Bento, Lisbon                                                                            
46   P2  dlang druntime                  contrib        Extend __builtins.d with core.math builtins                                                             
2    P2  musiclist                       personal       Add more playlists                                                                                      
27   P2                                  personal       Create SearXNG Tor load balancer                                                                        
99   P2  ipfs                            personal       Make a decent configuration to prevent IP leaking and seperate client for Tor-only connections          
21   P2  devroom                         personal       Install electric DR and power management                                                                
83   P2  devroom                         personal       Paint room                                                                                              
30   P2  devroom                         personal       Install light blobs                                                                                     
98   P2  devroom                         personal       Install power sockets                                                                                   
25   P2  infrastructure                  personal       Setup beacon device                                                                                     
18   P2  gcc libiberty                   contrib        Check for mangled symbols                                                                               
64   P2  dmd                             contrib        Make DW_FORM_data4 -> DW_FORM_sec_offset on DWARF4/5                                                    
45   P2  ansible                         contrib        Add provided state on pacman packages                                                                   
96   P2  blog                            personal       From ground 0x00 to Hero: Memory                                                                        
13   P2                                  personal       add <eeewe at e dot email> email to PGP                                                                 
72   P2  dmd lexer                       contrib        Compare hash algorithm performance                                                                      
69   P2  domain                          personal       Add BIMI record with SVG on IPFS                                                                        
79   P2  mypy python                     contrib        Add support for reachability checks                                                             
26   P2  aur                             archlinux      Make a decent package for 'python-spotdl'                                                               
73   P2  dlang dmd druntime              contrib        Fix ''                                                    
113  P2  blog dlang                      personal       D by example                                                                                            
66   P2  dwarf                           dlang          Check if S_ATTR_DEBUG macos hack is still needed                                                        
90   P2  llvm                            contrib        Optimize Linkage switch
50   P2  llvm                            contrib        Apply              
49   P2  llvm                            contrib        Apply              
57   P3                                  ipfs           check if ipfs://bafybeic7mmqv7jzhnnih7l4242ksd3uycwgs5gjr7ibrl6njzwebfch4cu/ is still available         
58   P3                                  hacktoberfest  hidapi: add initial implementation                                                                      
60   P3  gcc                             saoc2021       change i++ to ++i when possible                                                                         
92   P3  blog github                     personal       GH/ljmf00/ Add a                                                            
105  P3  blog github                     personal       GH/ljmf00/ Add a search bar                                                           
31   P3  gcc                             saoc2021       Use efficient memmove instead of manual loop                                                            
56   P3  gcc                             saoc2021       optimize initial entrypoint of D demangler                                                              
104  P3  donations easytask              personal       Add crypto donation addresses                                                                           
65   P3  dlang dmd                       contrib        Take a look at                                           
108  P3  dlang dmd                       contrib        Take a look at                                           
75   P3  dlang dmd                       contrib        Take a look at                                           
82   P3  dlang dmd                       contrib        Take a look at                                           
38   P3  dlang dmd                       contrib        Take a look at                                           

121 tasks.

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